Paul Best of P.N. Best and Co. Inc. needed a new website. The purpose was to provide a contact point for his customers and to show off some of the projects his company has completed. He also wanted the ability to upload PDFs showing his excess inventory for customers.

Where does the “sexy” come in? Take a look at the gorgeous photos, The home page cover was shot using a time delay and the trail across the sky is the moon! The images were all shot by award winning photographer and graphic designer, Larry Guilliatt.

An unusual aspect to the site is the “breakpoint” for when the site converts from using a full size menu to a mobile menu, 1800px. The atypical breakpoint was set to accommodate the client’s 30″ monitor so that all the menu links could be visible all the time on his desktop computer.


paul best reviewKathy has been a joy to work with. Her hands on approach made the process of setting up a new web site easy for a :” technology deficient” individual. She was able to take my ideas and thoughts and bring them to life. When it was time to launch she came to our office an made the process easy. Her after sales service has been wonderful. As you can see I am a happy customer. The product we received was a great value and continues to serve us well. – Paul Best