If your website is poorly designed, using out-of-date web technology, coding, (i.e. Flash) or content, your potential clients may assume the same thing about your company. Does your website follow these principles of good design and marketing?

  • Highlight your product or service – Seems obvious, but take a look at your homepage. Does your website communicate the value of your business? Ask a friend or acquaintance to read just your homepage. Then ask them to describe your business. The goal is to clearly communicate your service and products.
  • Consistency – We all love it, or so studies say. If your site is not visually consistent, your website visitors’ experience can be negatively impacted. When your website design is consistent, your visitors won’t be distracted and your message becomes the focus.
  • Up-to-date content – We all get busy, but if your site has out dated events or information, it reflects on your business trustworthiness. When you create an event, create a note on your personal calendar to change it on your website once the date has come and gone. Did you create a blog post about an event? Update it with a new post about what happened at the event.

Stay Tuned for more Website Tips!