How to get Quality Reviews for your business

  • how to get quality reviews

How to get Quality Reviews for your business

The quantity, quality and recency of customer reviews are three of the most important ranking factors for SEO. They’re even more valuable for Local companies.

I recommend 5-Star reviews to get quality reviews from your customers, while keeping bad reviews off of the Internet . This service will also:

  • Improve CTR and conversions on paid advertising campaigns
  • Generate referrals and new business for your salespeople
  • Identify which sales person is associated with each review
  • Automatically post your favorite testimonials to your website(s)
  • Improve your business listing ranking on all of the review websites
  • Easily send shareable coupons and flyers to all of your customers

One of my own customers boosted their ratings, reviews and testimonials from half a dozen to over 30 in a week!

Their success has prompted me to offer this service to you. I receive a commission for this, BUT you also received $50 off your inital setup fee. When you sign up, simply enter 3465 when asked for the referral code. Here are some print-out with information about the pricing.


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