Let’s cut to the chase…

IMHO, these are the items you need to change/add to after you’ve installed WP SEO:

Down and Dirty WP SEO by Yoast

Here’s my list of just the things that I want to change in the SEO setup:


SEO > Dashboard


Webmaster Tools – Make sure you have your site verified by, at least, Google and Bing. Good time to install Google Analytics, too.


SEO > Dashboard > Titles & Metas


1. General – Check the meta keywords checkbox.




SEO > Titles & Metas > Home Title


Enter your site’s description. Once you are done, click on save settings button.


SEO > Social

As we said earlier, that WordPress SEO by Yoast is a powerhouse plugin and is packed with many features to provide the complete SEO package. One great feature of the plugin is that it integrates your site with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social platforms. Clicking on the Social link under the SEO menu will take you to setup these platforms. We will show you how to configure each of them.

1. Facebook (Use the picture below as a guideline)


2. Twitter


As for Twitter, you can add Twitter cards into your site’s head section and provide a Twitter user handle. This could be your website’s twitter account like @wpbeginneror your personal account @syedbalkhi.

3. Google+ – Follow instructions on tab.